Preparing for an IVA

Try and MOT first, its cheaper.

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We haven’t updated anything in a while. Because we haven’t really done anything big. I submitted all of the paperwork and got an an IVA booked, and then realised I have no good way of testing a lot of bits. The brakes, headlamp alignment etc. So, I booked the car into the local garage for an “MOT”

First things to note, an actual MOT does require a registration number. And that registration number does need to match the DVLA vin number. So, you might struggle to get an actual certificate out of it. We didn’t bother and instead we just asked for them to do an MOT style test without all of the bother of the paperwork.

Next thing, you can definitely drive on the road to an MOT, as well as to an IVA. Screen Shot 2018 05 09 at 22.43.38

We emailed and asked about this and got a solid confirmation that we were good to go, so long as the vehicle is insured.

Finally then, insurance. We have setup insurance with Adrian Flux, who can do it based solely on the chassis number and a lot of questions.

Lets hope it gets through an MOT at least!


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