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The rear light clusters and light pods from MEV do not come wired with any sort of connectors, instead they are bare ends. The light pods are also separated out. The little kick ups on the rear arches take the Brakes, Indicators and the rear running lights, and then the centre pod holds the reverse and fog light.

The issue is that one the original MX5 all of the lights were in just two clusters. This means that the 5 cables to supply each cluster on the wiring loom was taped together, with all 4 lights were on one spur of the rear loom. So, the first thing we need to do is to carefully cut the tape away from the existing wires and to strip out the pink cable on both sides, and to loop this around the fuel tank towards the back of the centre pod.

Next we need to take the remaining wires, recoat them in shrink wrap or tape and feed these out to the arches. But the arches and pods all need the possibility to be removed, rewired etc. So, to do this, we have introduced our own blocks.

IMG 20180210 094831

These came from Car Builder Solutions, who have all of those little odds and sods that you need, but didn’t realise you needed. Like, rubber covers for your track rod ends or a fuel filter that was just a fraction of an inch shorter to fit into a space.

These come in 4 parts, one male set of copper terminals, one female set and two plugs.

IMG 20180210 132451

You trim off the insulation a little, lay the cable into the copper connector and then crimp it in place (A special tool can do this, but so can some pliers). One crimp holds the insulation gripping it, the other holds the cable in place and makes the connection. You then push the plugs into the rear of the connector. Shrink wrap is a good idea to protect the terminals and make it all water tight, I then use a second layer of shirnk wrap to hold it all tight.

IMG 20180210 133532

We also then used some PU adhesive to just tidy the cables and hold the cables up away from the wheel below, and once this sets we can glue them in place. We also coated the inside of the posts with some Truck Bed liner, just because this should help protect the fibreglass from stone chips etc.


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