Its time to start reading the IVA Guide

Lets talk about Radiusing

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Before our Exocet can go on the road, it requires an IVA.

The IVA manual is a 308 page long guide about the safe building, modifying and adapting of a car which also dictates the rules and passing requirements for the man from the IVA garage to declare our car “safe enough”:

For those of you who do not want to read something so big that it could be used to club someone to death, well:

There is a shortened guide.

And one of the big things that it needs in order to pass the IVA is to be is safe to pedestrians, so we need to avoid any big protrusions. The problem with taking all of the body off of the car and exposing its wishbones, other than revealing all of the rust that had been building up for the last 2 decades, is that it also exposes a lot of pointy edges and things which can injure a pedestrian if they walk in front of it.

So we come to the idea of Radiusing or the removal or rounding of sharp edges of a part. Obviously a 2mm thick piece of metal at 60mph becomes somewhat dangerous, so we need to do something to make those edges a little safer.

And this applies in all locations throughout the car, even areas behind the driver. The easiest way of doing this is to use rubber edging which has a metal liner just to re-enforce it a bit. Rubber

This makes the metal a bit thicker and a bit less pointy edged, whilst also protecting the edges from being dented and damaged.

IMG 20170715 114933

They also, I think, look rather cool

Screen Shot 2017 07 15 at 16.47.48

That said, its more material added to the car an I am sure they add some weight and some more air resistance that will affect the final vehicle in some way. But for now at least, we are radiusing everything.

We even joked about arriving at the inspection centre with our glasses radiused. Just in case.

Oh, and this is the first set of wishbones that we have finished. It is starting to feel like we are getting there! Wherever “there” is.


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