It has been a quiet couple of weeks in the twits garage

But we haven't given up.

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Projects and kit cars often go through phases of super intense work and then nothing for ages as other stuff gets in the way, like work and… well mostly work.

In this case one of the twits is off exploring Southern Europe in that landrover you have been seeing so much of (He made it as far as Switzerland before his gearbox decided it no longer liked reverse)

6241685520 IMG 6473

The other has been on a speaking tour of Northern Europe (he flew there, his gearbox is fine)

IMG 0126

And so by way of a quick update on where we left off and our next steps:

  • 3/4 of the suspension wishbones are off and are being stripped of bushes and rust. He final set, back left, are still on and are still rusty.
  • 3 of the wishbones are cleaned up and painted, with more on the rust removal to come.
  • The rest of the wishbones have started to be cleaned up and are in various stages of grinding and dremmel cleaning for the details.
  • The bushes have not yet been ordered.
  • Neither have the brake cables we need.
  • Still no update on the Exocet body delivery date.

So, don’t worry, despite Jamie’s near attempt at killing the wookie with a 12 ton press and a chunk of steel… we haven’t died just yet and we are still working on it. Give us a couple of weeks!


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