Today was expensive

And marginally dangerous

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Bushes. Small, rubber and fantastically useful really; but also an absolute sodding nightmare.

Because the Mx5 has a pair of wishbones on each wheel, it also has 5 bushes on each corner with more on the anti rollbar. On Car-Daver these have been there for 20 years, and are stubborn little sods.

Our starting point for removing these was the 12 ton press. We dont have a receiver which is large enough to push the bushes into, or a vice big enough. This caused some issues and so Jamie setup this rig to try and hold the whole wishbone in place and push the bush out. Our logic was that the rubber bush would give way before everything else….


I nearly died.

The bushing started to push out, but before it ejected completely the wishbone bent and then oddly the bushing retracted itself back into the hole it had left. Helpful. The metal plates beneath the wishbone also shot out across the room. Not good. The threaded bar you can see is supposed to line up on both of the bushes.


Round 2, using threaded bar. We had seen this method online, effectively it uses a controlled and slow screwing pressure of the bolts to force the bushing out. When you have 2 in line with each other, you can use the strength of one to push the other out. We tried this, and now the upper wishbone is bent too.

The last method we have found is to use fire. With so many ball joints still in place and attached to the wishbones, we dont want to do this for fear of melting the rubber boots on it. So instead we have invested in a very specific tool. This is basically the same as using a socket and a threaded bar as a receiver, but the sockets needed for these bushes are huge so this is a much safer method overall.

One for next weekend then I guess. But for now at least, we need some new wishbones.


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