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Useful, but awkward

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Back to Fat Ermy and her prop shaft.

So in order to have the Viscous Coupling unit refurbished, it has to be sent away. You obviously cant do that whilst it is attached to a 7ft long prop shaft. At least not easily. The 3 sections of the shaft are held together with Universal Joints, A cross shaped piece which allows the shaft to bend and flex. These are capped with a bearing which then slips over the top and is held in place with a C clip.


To dismantle the shaft into separate pieces you need to remove the C clips that sit on the ends of the joints, accepting that after 20 years these little springs of metal are held in by a layer of rust bigger than the clip itself.

Then its a case of pushing, hammering, forcing and generally moving the joint to one side, pushing the end cap out. Having tried hammering and gentle pushing, I finally fired up the new press.

IMG 20170521 124651

With a suitable sized socket to act as a receiver and a suitable buggered socket in the other end the press forced the joint, pushing the end cap out the other end into the socket. A 90 degree rotation and repeat, then wiggle the joints apart, dropping all of the bearings everywhere.

IMG 20170521 131208

I now need to send this off to the refurb company and hope they have a method for removing the end caps, and that they can refurbish this one.


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