300kg of Monocoque, 270kg, 250kg...

Pile of car.

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A progress update on dismantling our monocoque! This is how we left it on Thursday:

IMG 20170518 162428

First off this morning was the removal of the fuel tank. Now that we had access to the underside of the vehicle this was much easier.

IMG 20170520 101832

Cutting a car up, even with bigger power tool is still frankly a pain in the chassis. I discovered that using long blades on the reciprocating saw just resulted in the blades bending and distorting. I have ruined at least 10 x 225mm metal blades. IMG 20170520 124553

Sorter blades can only work through one layer at a time, but the blades last much longer. Once I got the hang of it we managed to turn the body into a pile of chunks like this IMG 20170520 124544

And move them outside. We now have one clean pile of car ready to be collected by a scrappy. IMG 20170520 131942

Now that we have space, its time to start stripping the skateboard a little more and to get started on cleaning that up. The Wishbones will look awful if we leave them with a layer of rust over the top!


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