When a project car stops being a project...

..and becomes an endless fettle.

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Ermy is done. Yesterday we put the last panels back on, put the sump guard under the engine and slotted the door cards back in. Every panel has been resprayed (twice) now and she is done….

Well sort of.


The downside of doing it all yourself is that you know every imperfection, every thumb print where the clear coat wasn’t quite dry, every panel gap that isn’t perfect and every screw that you had leftover at the end that “probably was a spare from Car-Daver”.

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And this is why Ermy is no longer a “project car”, but is now an “endless fettle”. The sort of car where you will give it a month and then “just go touch up a bit” here and there. We are going to start googleing smart paint repairs, and buying a new giant tub of plastic push fittings, but from here on out it’s mostly about stripping Car-Daver. And buffing out orange peel paintwork.


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