Why build an Exocet?

Are we mad. Probably.

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It’s really weird to think that from first thinking about building an Exocet to now it’s only been a few months. We started looking at donor cars the same day we first discussed the idea of building a kit car.

Both Wookie and me enjoyed working on Ermy. We found it really satisfying to work on the oily bits and to then experience the thrill (and anxiety!) of driving an engine we had rebuilt.

We like the MX5 platform and we wanted to do something else. However, having done a head gasket etc we didn’t really want to just buy and fix another MX5. We wanted to do something new.

I think the clincher for us both was the YouTube show CrossThreaded. We watched a few episodes and it looked fun and interesting. It also looked far less complicated than we’d have assumed.

The final convincer was finding Cardaver. A well priced donor car with plenty of parts we could use to upgrade ermy. Even if we brought cardaver and just moved the parts and sold the spares we could have enough fun.

Oddly driving the Exocet isn’t the top of our goals. We building it for the joy of the build and to learn and experience something new. The driving is a happy by product.

So if anyone is wondering how two almost novice twits with spanners decide to build a car that’s how it happened for us!


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